Thursday, October 12, 2017

Family news

Big storm last night, and this morning a neighbor woke me up to point out that one of our banana trees fell down. We moved it out of the street and took the not yet ripe bananas inside.

Two days ago, one of our waterbuffalos ate a nail and got sick, so they decided to slaughter it for the meat.
Remind me not to eat "beef" in the next few weeks.

Joy is at a trade fair in Manila.

Ruby is ok at school: They are holding celebrations for each area, (she is Asian Pacific) and she plans to hold a demonstration on how to make HaloHalo.

hmm... I wonder if they sell Ube near her?

halohalo means "mix mix".

and no, we don't make for ourselves: the best HaloHalo in town is at nearby Luz' restaurant.

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