Friday, October 13, 2017

Fiesta Nacional de España

In Spain, Columbus day is celebrated as Fiesta Nacional de Espana.

Events similar to Hispanic Day to mark the anniversary of the date Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas are also held in other countries. October 12 is known as Discovery Day in the Bahamas, Day of the Cultures in Costa Rica, Day of the Race in Argentina, Chile and Mexico and the Day of Indigenous Resistance in Venezuela. The second Monday of October is Columbus Day in the United States.
the day has a more politically correct designation in leftist countries, or in countries who killed off most of their indigenous like Argentina (2%), Costa Rica (2%) and Chile (10%) or places like Mexico where the whiter descendents of the Spanish families rule .

LaRaza does not translate as "race", by the way, despite how American born activists seem to think. It means "ethnicity": The day of all of us of various ethnicities, according to this Yankee essay in an English speaking paper.

And in today's news, the day is being used by Spaniards to hold celebrations in order to push back against Catalonia's attempt to secede.

Ondeando banderas españolas y catalanas, al grito de “Viva España” y “Cataluña es España” los manifestantes descendieron por el emblemático Paseo de Gracia hasta la plaza Cataluña. Foto: EFE

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So why doesn't the US celebrate their Hispanic heritage on this day? Because of the black legend, pushed by the British Protestants for political reasons.

the problem? they cherry picked atrocities from publications written by Catholic priests like De Las Casa, who was trying to document atrocities in reports to those in charge, something done to get the gov't to defend human rights..

 And then the British and Dutch took the actions out of context, and exaggerated them, while their own atrocities went unnoticed. (e.g. Hugonaut massacre! Horror! Numerous Irish Genocides? Ho hum. Spanish Inquistion! Quel Horrors! Elizabeth I's star chambers? Left out of the history books).

sort of like the press that takes American caused deaths (ex drone strikes, or Duterte's drug war) out of context, exaggerate them, only show one side of the problem, and then pretend it is the truth.

As fo "indigenous day": I have no problem with this.

But it is a "feel good" exercize for the PC who ignore the very real problems caused by dependency mindset caused by the superior minded do gooders and the BIA, the lack of funding for schools and hospitals, and the huge theft of wealth from the tribes' trust funds in the recent past.LINK LINK2

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