Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Perverts in Hollywood? Who wudda thot?

The "casting couch" is in the news.

Who wudda thot?

Women throw themselves at men who are powerful, as President Trump remarked (Yuck). Yes, it is true: I have seen women send "messages" in their body language to doctors and priests during casual conversations.

And sometimes I've seen good women do this and not realize that they are sending such a message to a man, and then get upset when he makes a pass at them. 

One memorial talk to our Catholic school Sex ed class for girls was a priest who instructed us that boys were not made of steel, and if we led them on too far, they would not be able to stop.

This is especially dangerous for Muslim immigrants, who are not used to the openly aggressive (but chaste) way western women relate to men.

But one does expect grown men to be able to stop.

I also know doctors who are predators, and who try to seduce any attractive nurse. I've even worked with a doctor who once chased a nurse around the nurses station trying to grab her.

So where do you place the line?

Well, if you go into his hotel room, or take some "ludes" he offers you to relax you before you have sex, you are giving partial consent.

So why do women do this?

Some actually want sex.

But others were brought up to be compliant with authority figures (this is especially true in third world countries, as in Africa or in the rural Philippines). 

And yes, this includes many American girls who want to be liked so don't want to hurt the guy's feelings (often a problem for teenage girls).

So what is going on in Hollywood? Sorry, but the "casting couch" is not new. Some women accepted it as "the" way to get ahead, and even exploited it to get ahead.

But the power differential means the man is guilty, even when the woman cooperates, or appears to cooperate.

And often the aggressor considers women as his, as if he was a king and entitled to women he desired.


Nor is this limited to girls too young to say no, or women who go along with the abuse to get ahead.

In the third world, any employer, priest, teacher, older relative would be able to coerce a young relative, street kid, employee, etc... male or female, into having "consensual" sex: even when the person objected.

But often the predator insists it was "consensual" and has no insight that it was not.


At least the Hollywood slimebucket doesn't go around justifying his behavior because "god made me this way", (and then condemn anyone who objected to what he was doing).

Sigh. Long story. Keep us in your prayers.

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