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Behind the hype: War on terror stuff

Most of the news is the usual "Trump/Russia/men are pigs/me too" etc.

But a summary of the real news, and how the "war on terror" is morphing in recent years can be found at StrategyPage.

Update your memes.

Colombia is peaceful and the economy there is booming...

it's often overlooked that up to the 1990's, the major terrrorist threats were Marxist types, not radical Islam inspired crazies.

Here is what happened in Colombia:

Eventually referred to as "La Violencia" (The Violence) the seemingly endless fighting went on to leave over half a million dead, and millions injured or displaced. Millions more simply fled the country, either into neighboring states, or distant destinations like the U.S. or Europe. La Violencia kept going for many reasons and was ultimately a bloody struggle between leftists and conservatives...
This history has pretty well be erased from the books, since most of those writing the books were 1980's anti war leftists who had a romantic view of these "insurgents" of central and south America that wasn't disturbed by reality, since few of them actually had families there.

(Often the leftist "anti war" types were organized to demonstrate and spread America is evil type propaganda when the US/CIA tried to stop them. Which is why in the US, the US intervention in VietNam or Central America is seen as evil, while the 10 million who fled Viet Nam after that government fell, the millions killed by PolPot, or the millions who fled communist inspired violence in Colombia/ Central America were ignored.)

(this left wing trend included many of those in the middle management of Catholicism that was busy replacing morality and Jesus with marxism/leftist causes since the 1970's, and is now including the Pope as their main cheerleader. What has not been noticed is that this has resulted in a boom for Christian churches in Latin American and here in the Philippines).

this is partially the story behind DACA and the ElSalvador refugees: The communists have evolved into drug gangs and thugs, so who wants to go home? Even in nearby Mexico, whose economy is booming,  the murder rate is high due to the drug cartels, (so high that the bishops had an exorcism of the entire country... but of course only a few named names of the crooked politicans who let the violence go on)

I should note: a relative who had joined the FARC to stop oppression by the rich, and eventually left with an amnesty, since back then FARC was morphing into drug stuff. Alas, he was later killed by unknown persons after leaving a bar: either a revenge killing by a right wing hit squad, or maybe as a warning to other recruits that they shouldn't leave the revolution behind.

So yes things are complicated.


And then there is the lowly Philippines:

After decades of effort the Philippines has finally made decisive progress in dealing with its endemic corruption, communist rebels and violence by Moslem separatists and bandits....
Moslems are only eight percent of all Filipinos, and represent an even smaller proportion of the economic activity. MILF wanted control of more of the economy, which meant control of "ancestral Moslem areas" in the south that are now populated by Christians....
This issue is still a big deal for many Moslems and could still turn into an armed rebellion against MILF and the collapse of the plan for an autonomous Moslem area in the south. But in 2017 that was attempted and failed as over a thousand Filipino ISIL adherents tried to take over a southern city and lost. Most of the Islamic terrorists died, as did nearly all their senior leaders.
After this mid-year defeat Islamic terrorist activity in the south declined considerably. So did piracy, kidnapping and drug smuggling.

yes, but the western press still only lament the drug war and take Rody's remarks literally (when he is joking or exaggerating).
Meanwhile the new government has demanded that China pay more for Filipino cooperation in the South China Sea. China and the Philippines do not trust each other, which is about as healthy as such a relationship can get.
I link to those countries because SP gets it right in countries where I have links for what is going on.

But they have a lot about the various Wars on Muslim extremism, including Pakistani trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the USA, which is the backstory of Trumpie boy's removal of their aid package.

Hillary isn't the only one who had top secret information on her private server:

. Since 2011 the Pakistani military has fewer secrets. That’s because of the American raid that killed Osama bin Laden in his Pakistani hideout and left with the bin Laden corpse and massive amounts of documents, many of them detailing how the Pakistani military had lied to the world about secret support for al Qaeda and many other Islamic terror groups.

after confronted, they did go against a few groups, which helped, but not completely, so Trumpieboy is cutting aid, and Russia and China are not going to completely replace all that lovely money that can be diverted into one's private pockets.

lots of other stuff there about small but important changes in the Middle East.

Will peace break out? Who knows...

and remember: they have been fighting each other for 4000 years, so don't blame religion.

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