Sunday, March 25, 2018

Be Afraid... be very afraid

This is the scariest thing I have heard in a long time: because this is not a conspiracy, alt/r site of paranoia but a mainstream podcast that is discussing open threats by the previous leader of the CIA.

very scary, because this is not "infowars" or "coast to coast am"  but a mainstream podcast.

And the (progressive) Nation magazine had a similar warning in February.

It is one thing to tar Donald Trump with a groundless campaign, Nixon-style, so as to insinuate without evidence that he entertains objectionable ties to Russia. That is mere politics....
  It is another matter altogether when the descendants of Dulles... mount what looks awfully like a coup operation against the president of our republic. That is a strong phrase, but it belongs on the table far more than the “complete garbage” you can read in any day’s edition of The New York Times. There I will put it for now, awaiting a historically informed argument for taking it off.
read the whole thing, because it relates what is happening now to the story of the CIA/Military opposition to JFK.

Now, unlike most bloggers, I am old enough to remember reading an interview with Kennedy (in an ordinary women's magazine, that my mom bought for the recipes etc), where Kennedy said he actually was happy with the anti nuke/ peacenik groups because they helped to counter the pressure on him by some in the military to start a war.

(Place JFK assassination conspiracy theory here.)

Back in the early 1990s, there was a military paper called the Military Coup of 2012 (that is a Scribd link, but googling will find it elsewhere on line), but in that paper, it posited a paralyzed Congress that had lost public trust, but a military that still had the public's trust.

Is that true today? Yes.

But that assumes the military is a monolith and would "obey" the CIA/politicized Generals.

 Especially since their oath is not to their generals or to the President but to the Constitution? And any coup would be a threat agasint the constitution...

Here is one satire on the coup scenerio:

General Mattis to the rescue?

The back story of this is the elite/modernist vs the outliers, as explained in an article by Professor Bulliet that I posted a few days ago that warns of opposition to the wonderful world that the elite are building for all of us.

The world has boarded the globalization express and is hell-bent on a WTO paradise. But what if the counternarrative of yahoo-hinterlands-pushing-back-hard-against-the-modernizers has substance?

Glen Reynolds of Instapundit had published a legal paper n the subject, in theory (as if he didn't really take it seriously) a couple of months ago, LINK and he notes that if a coup took over the presidency, they could only be legitimate if Congress and the courts went along.

But even then, they would face resistance from the states including governors who have control of their local National Guard units.

He also points out the importance of the second amendment here:
The Second Amendment,29 which plays a major anti-coup role in popular lore, may also come into play. The armed citizenry of the United States forms a potentially enormous military force: Tens or hundreds of millions of people with weapons.Some of those people are quite expert, and some of the civilian-owned weapons are quite sophisticated.
 He also points out that just owning a gun is not enough against trained soldiers, but again, many of us have had some military training.

which brings us to all those kids marching in Washington.

Are the kids being manipulated to join a cause that is supposed to be for something good (gun control, and maybe even mental illness control), but is actually about something else: Getting rid of Trump.

Why do I say that?

Because President Obama had eight years to do gun control, and he didn't.

and because there are well funded Democratic operatives behind the marches.

from an email from Democrats abroad:

Please join with Democrats Abroad as we rise and organize this Saturday in marches around the world. And then help us vote out the politicians who are holding America back from common sense gun laws.

So has anyone asked who paid the kid's plane tickets? Their parents? I heard local political activists were arranging for kids to stay with local families, which again suggests some grass roots support, but what are the numbers here? or is someone paying for their hotel and meals too?

the press will use the photos as examples of grass roots protests against the president, as propaganda.

But I am really paranoid about the timing.

No one marched after previous shootings during Obama's administration.

But you know, if there is a threat of a coup, getting guns out of the hands of civilians under the guise of "it's for the children's safety" would make it easier to confiscate weapons.

That is why Marcos confiscated all the firearms in the Philippines in 1972, under the guise that any opposition to him was communist.

I don't know.

I haven't lived in the US for a decade, but I do think that if the CIA attempts a coup, it could easily morph into a civil war.

and then, why worry?

 because it would be a green light for China to march in to take over the Philippines something they already have mentioned in their press... (and VietNam and Taiwan and maybe North Korea and eventually Siberia).


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