Thursday, March 29, 2018

Family News

We got tickets for me to accompany Ruby home from her Canadian school (she is under 18 so some airlines insist on an adult to go with her, as does immigration).

I will stop in Florida to see my son and his new wife. I haven't seen since I moved here (my two flights were to visit my brother in New England, and I had to hurry home to my elderly husband).

I thought I had enough frequent flier miles for the shorter flight from Florida to Canada, but when I checked, I had a lot of miles, (a "thank you" for caring for a sick lady during one flight) so my ticket to the US was "free" too.

Joy just smiled and reminded me the Lord will provide.

We got a "cheap" return ticket for both of us on a new Chinese airline.., twelve hour layover in China where Joy warns us they have no WIFI (oh the horrors!). But anyway, the tickets are bought so that is one worry behind us.

I have taken care of four emergencies on flights over the years, but usually minor stuff. If that should happen now, I might decline, since I no longer have any "active" medical licenses and am rusty after ten years of retirement.


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