Saturday, March 10, 2018

for later reading: Xi's power grab

StrategyPage lecture for later reading.

a power grab as a way to get rid of corruption, but what will happen to the multinational corporations who invest in China?

and will he start a little war to stay popular? (see "WagThe Dog")

The nationalism is the most dangerous angle and it has already put China into conflict with the United States (over free access to the South China Sea which China now claims as sovereign territory) and with India over where the Tibet border should be. All Chinese neighbors are nervous about this revival of traditional imperialism. 
 and this is something everyone knows, but only Trumpie boy is bold enough to note it:
The government tolerated, and even encouraged, theft of foreign technology and tolerating Chinese firms using corrupt practices to cheat foreign business partners. This not only bothers the aggrieved and threatened foreigners but successful Chinese entrepreneurs and businesses as well.

in the meanwhile, the US MSM is making Duterte a bad guy for trying to get rid of a incompetent judge on the Supreme court, link2

don't ask me: the local hearings are in Tagalog, and one suspects she has enough connections with important people to get away with her bullying and disregard for constitutional law.

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