Tuesday, April 03, 2018

family news

the cook and her daughter were happy this morning: Their cousin's first husband's relative won 60 million pesos in the local charity sweepstakes.

the cook sells lottery tickets to make extra money, as do many folks.

Everyone is coming for money for graduation parties for their kids. I just give a small gift, but will also be hit later this month for supplies to buy when school starts again. This can devolve into a scam, since different schools have differnt schedules, and of course people lie. (well, duh).

The bad news this morning is that a gang of five young men came to the door of an elderly retired lady attorney and when she opened it, pushed their way in, robbed her and killed her.

The staff warned me to stop opening the door to beggars when I am alone.

So why does the cook think it's okay for her to open the door (she is 70 years old and 90 pounds)? Because she is obviously staff and doesn't have access to the safe where the money is held, and besides: She has a large family who will protect or revenge her if she is harmed.

That is why I always travel with her or her daughter, my part time maid: They are know or are related to half the tricycle drivers in town, so when I shop, they know if the driver is safe.

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