Saturday, April 14, 2018

Seeing America through the eyes of the MSM/Hollywood

We have a lot of crime shows on TV here, so locals might get the idea that crime is all over the place in the USA (and I won't even get into the thuggery in music videos).

but then we have Thor and the Marvel Universe. The nuances tend to be ignored, so these reinforce the idea that a super hero will defend you (a stand in for "uncle sam") so things are complicated.

Yesterday, HBO was playing the film Sully.

No pc here: Just a competent pilot who did his best when faced with two impossible choices (turn to LaGuardia and take out buildings in Mahattan, or turn toward Teterboro and risk killing all the passengers and a lot of folks in New Jersey when the plane crashed short of the runway), found a third way to save the lives of his passengers: an impossible water landing.

But even then, most of the passengers would have died from drowning/ hypothermia if the rescuers didn't arrive almost immediately.

 and as I watched that rescue, one saw New York city's finest who saved the passengers on the wings etc. They didn't need the president to tell them:  the pilot of the ferry just went immediately to rescue them, while calling his buddies for help.

But imagine a movie that doesn't bash America, and one that praises competency of professionals, and one that notices the blue collar "deplorables" who rescued them. Lots of heroes do exist in the New York city neighborhoods but are invisible to the elites who are behind TV/movies/ news shows.

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