Thursday, April 12, 2018

Syria update: removed the post

I was checking the US Navy Institute Blog to read their post on the Eastern Mediterranean, and when I pulled it up it had been taken off. WTF?


But RSS and the internet is forever, so here it is:

What is the state of play in the in the East Med? ISW should be on your short-list of places to stop to keep an eye on the important developments.
What is good about ISW is that it refuses to weld itself to the 24-minute news cycle or even the 24-hr news cycle. They update just the bold faced items and their information is exceptionally well sourced.
For those like me that like a good chart, there are two I’d recommend that you look over.
One from last week that gives one of the better overviews of where Russian and Iranian forces actually are in the country.

The other, even though 9-months old and OBE in a few areas, does provide a nice snapshot of the Eastern Med challenge from a naval forces point of view.

Things are getting busy, don’t lose focus.

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