Saturday, May 05, 2018

Dubia 2: Or WTF do you think ur doing?

FatherZ links to another well written and nuanced "dubia": asking the Pope to clarify the "mess" he made by letting heretic bishops push agendas that go against the 2000 years old traditions and biblical laws.  ("mess" is the pope's word, not mine).

These statements are confusing people and destroying the moral law of the Catholic church while destroying the morale of believing Catholics (which is why mass attendence has gone down, not up under his reign).

from the NCRegister:
Without referencing the Holy Father or any particular document, priest, bishop or theologian, the priests highlight a general “mistaken approach” which asserts that those who “commit objectively evil acts, and judge themselves subjectively free of culpability, must be allowed to receive Holy Communion.”
Translation: if I think it is okay, then it's okay.

this not only covers sexual sin but other commandments like "thou shalt not kill" (Alfie, encouraging grandmom to kill herself) and "thou shalt not steal" (bribery and corruption).

After all, here in the Philippines we see good "catholic" politicians who buy votes, steal money meant for the poor or for the infrastructure/local farmers being diverted into their pockets, while using their private armies or hiring hit men to get rid of their political rivals.

then they wonder why so many middle class folks in South America and the Philippines convert to evangelical Christianity?


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