Saturday, May 05, 2018

Family news: It's raining

it has been hot for the last two weeks, but today it is overcast and it has started to rain.

Hopefully it is the monsoon season starting.

Chano is taking his staff and farmers (who grow rice for his business) to a resort for a day of swimming and partying.

Joy's cousin's son got a tracheostomy but continues to run a fever. He is responding now but still unable to eat. I told them the next step is a feeding tube so they can feed him easier at home until he can take adequate nutrition.

The church is still praying for a miracle, but I am making suggestions on equipment they will need for home care, and Joy is taking a home care course to help.

me, I am busy packing and trying to keep it to a minimum so I don't have to cope with a second bag (and also because Ruby will probably have lots of baggage with her).

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