Saturday, May 12, 2018

Space X (and China) taking over the satellite launch business

I sort of keep an eye on SpaceX's private launcher, but there is one aspect I hadn't heard about: It is stealing business from Russia.

From StrategyPage:

After 2013 Russia faced growing competition from cheaper, more reliable Chinese satellite launch services. But what really accelerated the Russian decline was the surprising emergence of new American launch technology, mainly the SpaceX reusable launchers (that can regularly return and land intact).................

lots more there about China and their success in launching commercial satellites.

not in the article: How Bill Clinton was bribed by companies to send missile launching techology to China (by calling it "commercial" information and putting it under the Commerce Dept instead of the Defense dept).

NYTimes article in 1998 gives details.

Think of ''the China connection'' as two-tracked. One track is the purchase of White House influence by U.S. aerospace corporations eager to sell advanced missile technology to China. The second is the plan by China to affect Clinton policy by directing money through various fronts into the Clinton-Gore campaign.
 (Place Ron Brown conspiracy theory here.)

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