Saturday, June 16, 2018

Forget Hollywood: K Dramas are the thing to watch.

the BBC has a report on "K Dramas": The Korean dramas/soap operas from that country.

one thing they note:

Korean dramas are said to be less violent and sexual than those from the US...
"K-drama has high production values," says Hye-kyung Lee, senior lecturer in cultural and creative industries, at King's College London. "You have interesting stories, characters, trendy music, excellent camera work and good-looking actors and actresses. "So, simply put, it has a lot of entertainment value." She says that after a dramatic rise in the 2000s in Japan, China, Taiwan and some Middle Eastern countries, K-drama has now become more globalised.
yeah. Imagine that: More plot, less distractions.

we often get them here, either with subtitles or in Tagalog.

Ruby and her friends watch them via the internet, streaming or downloading them.

Viki is one site where you can watch them.

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