Thursday, June 14, 2018

Medical tip of the day

what do you do when your giraffe stops breathing, (usually from the anesthetic dart you used to catch the animal), you forgot to bring your vacuum cleaner,  and the nearest ventillator is dozens of miles away?

Use your leafblower.

 Blower-or fan-driven ventilators have been used in veterinary medicine to ventilate large domestic species, 4 including one using an electric vacuum cleaner as the drive source. 5
A simple, effective ventilator, utilizing either an electric or gas-powered leaf blower as the drive source, was designed to be used as an emergency field ventilator during a giraffe anesthesia study. 2 This ventilator is made of commonly available parts, has a pop-off valve and pressure gauge to prevent over-inflation, an expiratory valve to provide post-expiratory end pressure (PEEP), and is relatively compact and easy to carry into the field.
A SIMPLE, UNIQUE FIELD VENTILATOR FOR... (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Jun 14 2018].

From Improbable Research

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