Friday, June 08, 2018

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North Korea: The next big site for factories?

VDHansen on ten paradoxes of the modern age

The Western world is in turmoil largely because of the widening gap between what the people see as true and the “truth” that their governing classes impose on them for the purported greater moral good. The result is a schizophrenia like that seen before the collapse of the Soviet Empire, in which no one believed that the reality they lived had anything to do with the reality delivered by the media and the state. Trumpism and popular movements in Europe are simply symptoms of another problem—that what the ruling elite said was true was often a lie.
Live not by lies.


why is there lightning on the planet Jupiter? Juno tries to find out.


no bikinis at Miss America contest?

AnnAlthouse discusses.

I think what Carlson meant was they're eliminating the part of the show where the contestants walk around in bikinis and high heels and the idea is to judge (or just admire) their bodies. They can't mean "outward appearance" more generally, can they? They can't switch to judging women by their insides! How would that be done? I know the contest always had a segment where the contestants were asked questions and had to show some intelligence, but a contest to see who has the most beautiful mind would not even be recognizable as a beauty pageant.

actually, when I was growing up, I asked my mom why Catholic girls usually didn't join these contests, and I was told because they emphasized external looks over character. So I guess this is back to the future.

unrelated item: Bullock's latest film is a heist film, where they rob the Met Gala.

Hmm... didn't the last Met Gala ridicule Catholic beliefs?

You go, girl....

this is the flip side of forcing indigenous peoples to submit to the modern world:

Demonstrations by westernized obese jean wearing "indigenous"representatives who are demonstating for their rights.

From April 23 to 27, more than three thousand indigenous leaders from all regions of Brazil gathered in the country's capital. Photo:, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

I\This story was reported by Nath├ília Clark of, an organization building a global grassroot climate movement, and it is published here as part of a partnership with Global Voices. participated in the National Indigenous Mobilization in Brazil as a supporter.

I am sympathetic to the problem, which is complex. This is a push back against those who would steal their land and destroy their resources, and kill them if they stood in the way.

But unlike those western activists who see the noble savage in these tribes, I am also aware that short of isolating these tribes and letting them live peacefully in dire poverty and disease is not really an option: their cultures will change one way or another.

Change will come no matter what: And the trick is to implement change without destroying what is good in the culture.

and I am a bit cynical about elite citified activists (including college educated Indian activists) who want to have their people go back to traditional ways, when they themselves never had the pleasure of actually living the hardships or doing the hard work that were part of traditional ways.

That is why I wrote: I am observing the obesity, not criticizing it.

The body fat means they are probably eating a western diet, and one doubts that jeans are hand made indigenous costumes.

So I am questioning if these representatives are really representing those who live traditional lifestyles, or are they activists wanting to be paid off by the oil companies and agribusinesses who are stealing their land?

We see a similar obesity in many AmerIndian tribes, who have the gene for Metabolic syndrome, which enables them to live through famines but when there is enough food, it makes one prone to diabetes and it's complications.

The classic study of this is found in the Pima Indians: Those who live in poverty in Mexico and eat a traditional diet are thin, but those on the north side of the border have a very high rate of diabetes.... and it is one reason that obesity is becoming a problem in East Asian countries, as they evolve out of dire poverty.


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