Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Demonstration? What Demonstrations?

The opinion polls, the massive nationwide protests and the police reports on Internet chatter all confirm that Iranians want a new government, preferably a non-religious and democratically selected one. After that Iranians want improved relations with the neighbors, particularly the Arabs and Israel (in others all the Semitic nations)

from StrategyPage , which has a long analysis on Iran.

that part about Israel? It has to do with water:

Another example of how foreign media is shaking things up was the recent appearance of a two-minute video by the Israeli leader in which he offered to share Israeli tech used to deal with water shortages (especially low use and recycling tech). This is a growing problem throughout Iran (and in neighbor countries like Iraq and Turkey) but Israel has been dealing with far worse situations for decades. Iranian leaders angrily refused the Israeli offer but the average Iranian, especially one personally suffering from the current water problems is willing to take help from whoever offers it.

and yes there is a russia Russia RUSSIA mention there:

Russia has made it clear that it sides with Israel when it comes to Syria and a long-term peace deal. Russia backed this up by openly accepting Israeli use of Jerusalem as their capital and moving functions normally held in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This angers many Moslems, and especially Iran. This support for Israel is one the few things the United States and Russia agree on these days. But the alliance with Russia is unwritten. Yet it is real as Israel has not attacked any Russian targets with its growing air offensive against Iranian forces.

lots more analysis of what is going on not just in Iran but in Syria, in case you want to know what is going on in the world while the press is busy being hysterical about a ten year old American law that separates of kids kept from parents who break the law.

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