Saturday, June 23, 2018

WHat is behind the migrant crisis?


this can be fought (as did Colombia, or how they eradicated it from the Golden Triangle) but the will is not there: if you fight it, it moves elsewhere.

But it gives you an idea why Dueterte is willing to risk the wrath of the NWO Elites to fight the drug war: So our country, doesn't evolve into a narco state, because our geographic position would allow us to become a huge transit area (and a drug growing area in our remote areas).

the reason behind this is greed and corruption, and the willingness to kill to get power.

and the selfishness of those using recreational drugs, or by those who have empty lives.

The Mexican bishops actually did an exorcism ceremony for the entire country, but hey, the Pope is busy telling us to not use airconditioners because hey, must have priorities.

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