Sunday, July 08, 2018

Another day, another typhoon

no, not hitting us, thank God, but off the coast and near enough to cause rain and to "enhance" the usual monsoon rain. and it will be closer to us tomorrow, so the rains will continue.

right now we are having heavy rain. The problem is flooding, of course. and not just flooding with the ground being soaked, but the run off from the mountains north of here, especially if the irrigation dams fill up and they have to let out water so they don't collapse.

The squatters along the rivers will be flooded out, but also there could be floods in the houses in the lowlying areas, meaning the poor will lose a lot of their stuff, and have to move in with relatives and friends (although we do have an evacuation center at the local gym up the street, which like our house is on higher ground). And of course, the streets will flood in Manila.

Our new sewers are still being put in... the one near our house was put in by the ex mayor (right before election time) but now they are putting in larger pipes to drain the streets near the Palenke.

We are on high ground and in the ten years since I moved here, our house only flooded once (and that time only a couple of inches).

the good news, of course, is that we won't be hit with winds... the typhoon is a big one and could be devestating. On the other hand, it's still early in the season.

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