Friday, July 27, 2018

Medical Controversies

I was just watching the old film "Children of Men", where suddenly people stopped having babies.

this BBC article pooh poohs the premise, but with the falling of fertility rates in most countries of the world, it does make one wonder if there is a warning there.

Because a recent NYTimes article discusses the lower sperm count in modern men. Uh Oh.

related item: what about giving young children hormones because they have gender dysphoria?

This trendy trend is being pushed to the point of hysteria in recent years, and anyone questioning the meme could lose your job, but there are medical questions that need to be discussed: radical surgery might not work, most kids change their mind, and the hormones have lots of side effects. LINK Yes, it's a religious webpage, but the articles they cite are not.

short discussion on my medical blog about hormones.


and then we have this:

short discussion on my medical blog.


the claim docs can be replaced by computers etc might not be true:  sometimes a gut feeling in the doc will detect the problem better.

discussed at my medical blog.

Breast feeding vs the bottle: a controversy in the third world.

Bottle feeding leads to more deaths, but what about when moms have to work?

infectious diseas outbreak discussion.

measles and polio oh my.

modern parents in the US and UK may believe the crazies and since they never saw the actual diseases may underestimate how harmful they are.

Yet I am old enough to remember measles and polio epidemics in the USA, and saw these diseases and tetanus and whooping cough killing kids in Africa.

the above article about bad vaccines being used will make things worse, as will the kerfuffle about Dengue vaccine here in the Philippines.


the latest occupational hazard: IPad neck.

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