Friday, July 13, 2018

Mocking Trump? Too late

The hysterics in the UK are putting up a huge baloon of Trumpie as a baby having a tantrum, presumably to embarass him.

Except of course, that Trumpieboy, like the baby having the tantrum, will probably get his way.

I had to laugh: at his news conference, Trump pointed out that insisting the rich Europeans pay their share of defending themselves was not new: that President Obama told them the same thing.

So the press stories either imply Trump is a bully for telling Europe to pay their fair share, or (althernative fake news) saying: well Trump didn't do anything here, so if they do pay their fair share, it is thanks to Obama, not him.

Ridiculing Trum doesn't work well, of course.

A lot of Westerners laughed at the Chinese Trump as chicken.

The original "Trump Chicken" was actually put up in front of a mall in China, but westerners thought it was mocking him, proving the proud American elites are culturally illiterate.

You see, in Asia, it was the year of the fire rooster:

Rooster, not chicken. As in "fighting cock". Here, cockfighting is a major sport, and a lot of our neighbors have their fighting cocks outside under a small shelter so they can eat bugs etc. rather than keeping them in cages.

now, we don't have a leash law, so one would think that these chickens would soon be killed by stray dogs, but they aren't: Because they are very aggressive, and the dog would probably lose.

and in Asia, roosters also announce the dawn, so are seen as responsible, and of course, roosters are "alpha males" and like women. More on the personality of fire roosters here.

So when the snowflakes sought to embarass Trump with their rooster, they had it wrong: it was a compliment.

people (aka the MSM) all talk as if Trump had a "thin skin": but it's not that: He fights back, and like the Bronx kid he is, he fights dirty.

His tweets send educated "better dead than impolite" types up in arms, but the rest of us just laugh: they take him literally, and don't see the joke, or that by tweeting he gets his message out to ordinary folks past the babble of the network talking heads (both left and right).

so anyway, the baby trump isn't going to embarass him (although I wonder why it was allowed: Isn't it a hazard and a security threat? well, probably not as dangerous as a terrorist with a drone I guess).

Trump in the USA has been around for decades, and is well known to those who read the tabloid instead of the NYTimes.

And he is able to mock himself: Ann Althouse posted this on her blog, after posting her horror that there is going to be a "Green Acres" broadway play instead of something edgy, like praising the Marquis de Sade (the original #me too SOB... he tortured maids and other lower class women, but never mind).

yes, that's Trumpie boy.

rural uncoath hayseeds making fun of effete Europeans/ city folks has been a mainstay of American comedy since colonial days.

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