Sunday, July 15, 2018

Racism posts for the day

SagaThing has a podcast about Icelanders on trial. mp3

and for recommended reading:

racism.... we haz it.

and EdX has a course on medieval sagas LINK


Our church in Oklahoma, built with Osage money, had a shrine to St Kateri, a Mohawk woman who fled to Quebec to follow her faith.

Catholic mushy biography at this podcast:

her mother was a Christian from another tribe who was kidnapped and then married a chief.

Later, Kateri was left an orphan, and when the Jesuits came through she fled with other converts to Quebec.

The key in the short film is that she built a bridge between Catholicism and Native Americans: The key was mysticism.

I have to laugh at cynical westerners who say her "biography" sounds like she was copying neurotic French mysticism: presumably they are not aware of the mystic traditions of various Native American tribes.

the book facing east from Indian Country includes her biography, (including some suspected R rated stuff that may have been behind her desire to move)

Lots of PC nonsense about colongial times out there from both sides: so I am happy that historians try to portray both sides as people trying to cope with change, and how bigotry (and wars and disease and desire of the immigrants for land) upset this balance.


There were two terrible terrorist attacks in Argentina back in the 1990's, and the cover up included a lot of big shots.

Now, Argentina is pressuring Russia to send the Iranian terrorist to them for trial. He is there trying to make a deal with Russia because evil Trumpieboy placed the sanctions back into place because they were cheating.

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