Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Stories behind the hyped headlines

StrategyPage has an article about Syria: about the implications of the 5 million refugees (mainly Sunni) and how this is changing the face of the Middle East in nearby countries.

for example, it could lead to another civil war in Lebanon,
and about why most nearby countries want the Iranians gone.

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SP also has an article about China's attempted take over of the sea routes, not just by aggressive take over of the shoals in the West Philippine sea, but by "lending" poor countries money to upgrade their port facilities, and then taking these ports over when those countries can't pay back the loans.


yes, your smart TV is spying on you.

But hey, if you have a Chinese cellphone, that has spyware in it so they can watch your moves.

The Chinese surveillenace of their people in cities makes London look like a wimp.

SP has had a couple of articles noting this "backdoor" spyware has made the US military wary of Chinese cellphones and computers, but the latest report is that the quadricopters now being used says the brass is worried these also might also be vulnerable to Chinese control.

Don't ask me: I don't have a cellphone.

but my Chinese made computer did have spyware on it, and when someone found that out and it got publicized we removed it.


heh. Trump pardoned ranchers who were framed by the FBI.

not in the article: The judge threw the case out of court a couple months ago
Navarro rebuked federal prosecutors — using the words "flagrant" and "reckless" to describe how they withheld evidence from the defense — before saying "that the universal sense of justice has been violated" and dismissing the charges.

heh. So while the MSM is hyperventilating about the newest SC nominee who might actually follow the law instead of making up law by fiat, Trumpie boy sent a clear message to the people in the west who are mad at aggressive gov't land grabs, while also giving a finger to aggressive prosecutors who break the law to get their man.


Uh, build the wall?

NPR.(May 2018) notes that Mexico has a border problem with Central America, and enforces the law sometimes.

Rather than amassing troops on its border with Guatemala, Mexico stations migration agents, local and federal police, soldiers and marines to create a kind of containment zone in Chiapas state. With roving checkpoints and raids, Mexican migration agents have formed a formidable deportation force. Since the Southern Border Plan launched, Mexico has deported more than half a million Central Americans, including almost 82,000 last year, according to data from Mexico's Interior Department. Since 2015, Mexico has deported more Central Americans annually than U.S. authorities have, in some years more than twice as many.

LINK:(Crisis, May 2018)

Kidnappings have soared across the south since 2015. Not only are the border states now the main conduit for cocaine trafficked from Colombia’s Pacific coast, but violence is fuelled by the fragmentation of the once dominant Zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel, combined with the rise of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the spread to southern Mexico of Central American street gangs, notably the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).
The proliferation of cartels and gangs has intensified turf battles over protection rackets. Long the victims of crime while travelling north, Central Americans must now run an extended gauntlet of criminal organisations ready to kidnap, physically and sexually abuse or kill them. Gangs have even staged raids on migrant shelters.
Yet, in many border towns, locals perceive Central Americans themselves as responsible for the rise in crime, prompting a backlash, including calls for southern Mexico to build a wall of its own. Refugees and migrants face increasing discrimination and are often trapped between erratic state institutions, predatory criminals and alarmed locals.
the answer is, of course, controlled immigration, but never mind.

the best answer is to actually fight the criminals and make it safe for people to stay home, but hey, when Duterte does that, the internaional SJW get into a tizzy and try to make him out a monster.

but it worked in Colombia, so it could also work here.

And the Diplomad2.0 blog says Mexico's newly elected president is a leftist/populist who has links with Mayor Guilliani.

related item: Border control agents in New England? Yup. to catch criminals and drug smugglers.

and not just drugs: one of these agents, a lowly grandmother, saved the lives of thousands when Customs agent Diana Dean thought he was acting suspicious so searched the car, and stopped the Milleneum bomber from coming into the USA.


Israel is planning to go to the Moon.

the geeks behind this were inspired by the Lunar X prize.

The project began when young engineers — Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Winetraub — decided to build a spacecraft and take part in the Lunar Xprize competition sponsored by Google, which originally included a $20 million prize for the first group of contestants to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon.
and yes, Elon Musk's SpaceX is also mentioned.

Place Mel Brooks joke here:

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