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How to manipulate public opinion (and what happens when you take the red pill)

Since I last checked the US news, I found two things that suggested the "rape" allegation (actually the charge described a minor awkward attempt at necking by a teenage boy not rape, but never mind) seems to have collapsed.

update: This summarizes what I missed: it is from facebook via instapundit.

so what has changed?

One: The FBI report. Still no evidence.

Two: The regular idiots have changed their claims from "we don't want a rapist in the court" to "We don't want someone with a temper aka lacking judicial temperament on the court".

That last part is because he dared to get angry at a false accusation.

The fact that he has a major player in the Washington establishment for years, and if he lacked the "temperament" for being a judge, they should have lots of examples to prove their case, but none of those making this latest claim bother to produce examples.

I find this is interesting: does this mean that too many people have taken the "red pill" and are refusing to be manipulated?

The Federalist has an essay on how these smear tactics work,

The charges do not need to be true, or even credible. People do not recoil because of the charges themselves (although, as we see, the left spares no effort to dream up the worst accusations they can think of). People recoil out of fear.
This tactic relies on the human herding instinct. People naturally shy away from anyone so vilified, whether the charges are credible or not, simply out of fear of being smeared with the same brush. They don’t want to be ostracized by the group. Such excommunication has real consequences on reputations, jobs, relationships, even survival. The real goal is to threaten the rest of us into silence.
 the article continues:
In 2010, Laird Wilcox penned an article titled “The Practice of Ritual Defamation,” that describes the process. The most salient points are quoted here:
  1. In ritual defamation the victim must have violated a particular taboo in some way, usually by expressing or identifying with a forbidden attitude, opinion or belief…
  1. The method of attack… is to assail the character of the victim… Character assassination is its primary tool…
  1. An important rule in ritual defamation is to avoid engaging in any kind of debate over the truthfulness or reasonableness of what has been expressed, only condemn it…
  1. The victim is often somebody in the public eye – someone who is vulnerable to public opinion…
  1. An attempt, often successful, is made to involve others in the defamation…
  1. In order for a ritual defamation to be effective, the victim must be dehumanized to the extent that he becomes identical with the offending attitude, opinion or belief, and in a matter… where it appears at its most extreme.
  1. Also to be successful, a ritual defamation must bring pressure and humiliation on the victim from every quarter, including family and friends. If the victim has school children, they may be taunted and ridiculed as a consequence of adverse publicity.
  1. Any explanation the victim may offer, including the claim of being misunderstood, is considered irrelevant. To claim truth as a defense for a politically incorrect value, opinion or belief is interpreted as defiance and only compounds the problem…
I compared this to the hysteria caused by McCarthy, and the US press is going out of it's way to demonize not only the judge but encouraging violence against those whose opinions differ from them, and several prominant Republicans have been injured.

the social media is full of people pushing the memes of hatred (the anti Christian hysteria of the leftists posting on Facebook has been going on for years, which is one reason I rarely use that media. Ditto for twitter).

But thanks to the internet, the non PC can point these things out:

the meme is to "red pill" someone.

which is why the present day censorship of conservative and kooky right wing videos and pages are a major problem.

if this were only about Trumpie boy, I'd keep quiet.

after all, I live in the Philippines. In a rural town, not a gated community.

Here, the US MSM only quotes the SJW who live in gated communities, and of course they all follow the memes in step: They hate Duterte because they ignore what would happen if the Philippines turned into a narco state. And for some reason, and American MSM reporters seem to overlook the fact that we are a democracy and that 70 percent of our "deplorables" support Duterte and his war on drugs. Maybe because they actually judge what they see, not what the elites tell them is going on.

But cynical manipulation is not limited to politics.

It is really upsetting to see "alinsky" type manipulations by the Pope to push his Agenda, i.e. the agenda of the German bishops (who have empty churches) to make Catholicism into CofE lite.

We see this in Pope Francis' way of pushing his agenda: where the "reforms" he and his minions want are presented to a group who are told to "discuss" the item, and then his prearranged conclusions are in a final report that gets written even before the synod met, ignoring the fact that most of the bishops opposed it. See Pentin's book on the rigging of the synod.

The agenda on "family" was to say divorce is okay, and to make the Holy Eucharist into a meaningless symbol to make people feel good about themselves.

and the present synod on "yutes" is being similarly twisted to push the idea that homosexuality is fine.

Chaput seems to be leading the charge against the gobblygook: Archbishop Chaput tells synod to announce Christ not ‘ideologies and social sciences’

It is the perennial task of the Church’s elders to pass on the faith to the young, Chaput noted. He told the synod that a generation of leaders - in the Church and in families - had abdicated their responsibility to pass on the truth of the Gospel “undamaged by compromise or deformation.” This, he said, was the result of a combination of “ignorance, cowardice and laziness in forming young people to carry the faith into the future.”
Chaput linked the failure to embrace the generational responsibility for authentic formation to the recent sexual abuse crises which have rocked the Church.
“The clergy sexual abuse crisis is precisely a result of the self-indulgence and confusion introduced into the Church in my lifetime, even among those tasked with teaching and leading.  And minors – our young people – have paid the price for it.”

Heh. Speaking truth to power.

Guess he'll never get his "red hat" (i.e. become a Cardinal) even though he was sent to Philly to clean up the scandal that Uncle Tony caused.)

He'll now be put into the Vatican's version of the Basket of Deplorables, along with Vigano, Sarah, and especially Burke and the Dubia Cardinals.

Pope Francis has called on Catholics to pray the rosary against the accusers, who he hints are doing the devil's work.

Apparently, he even wants to manipulate sweet and lowly Mama Mary to back his ideas of "reform".

 Guess he didn't read her opinion on this:

He hath shewed strength with his arm: he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
He hath put down the mighty from their seat: and hath exalted the humble and meek.

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