Thursday, October 11, 2018

headlines in the US

Hurricane Michael hits the southern USA. And it's a biggie.

Sigh. Been there, done that. In our prayer.

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Typhus update for Californians.


via Instapundit; Lileks covers the crazies on twitter, so you don't have to go there.

The gradual demonization of White Women is an interesting thing to watch in slo-mo. There's going to be a lot of agreement on this among WW, until they're expected to vacate leadership roles.
don't ask me: I'm so old that I predate modern feminism, and so old that I remember when "ethnics" and Catholics weren't considered part of the white establishment. the Supreme court is full of "ethnics" and Catholics: Who wudda thot.

why? Because both groups saw education as a way to break into the middle class.

“For a lot of Catholic and Jewish immigrants, law school was — in a very real way — a ticket to the middle class,” said Richard Garnett, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame.
But of course, now they are now considered as "white" by activists, and their jobs were not the result of hard work, but because of "white privilege".

 Hmm.. times change. or maybe not, given the growing anti Semetism on college campuses and the aggressive hatred against VP pence and other catholics in the public square who continue to believe in what the Catholics always have believed.

True, the bishops have been lax at correcting cafeteria catholics in both parties, but hey, the Pope just compared abortionists to hit men, so maybe things might change.


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