Saturday, April 13, 2019

Clean up your cat litter

the real story why Ecuador threw out Assnage: He didn't clean up the cat litter.

so what happened to the cat?

NPR report on Assange's cat.

Moreno explained that Assange treated his hosts disrespectfully; late last year the embassy implemented a series of rules for Assange, including a requirement to be responsible for the "well-being, food, hygiene and proper care of your pet." If Assange didn't, the embassy threatened to put the cat in a shelter. In other words, it is likely that Assange didn't effectively clean up after his cat's own wiki-leaks.
apparently he gave it to his family after the embassy threatened to take it away and put it in a pound.

If I find all of this absurd, it is because boys of all ages are notorious for being messy, so hiring a part time maid to clean up after him wouldn't cost a fortune, so why is the embassy making such a big thing about it? Or maybe buy a self cleaning litter box?

Because of course this is not about being messy: they were pressuring him to leave and a lot of his messiness was about protesting this.

On the other hand, I guess he hasn't read Jordan Peterson:


I find it is ironic that he spent years isolated in an embassy for embarassing Hillary, but Chelsey Manning not only got a pardon but a free sex change operation for releasing information that endangered soldiers in Iraq.

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