Sunday, April 14, 2019

The future is here

Trumpieboy just announced he is supporting 5 G, something China has recently pushed too.

What is 5 G?

Gizmodo article (for later reading)


Scott Adams (Dilbert) discusses why it is good at the end of this podcast including it's ability to enable education.

he also has been pushing these newfangled and safe nuclear reactors, which could revolutionize the way we obtain energy.

more at MIT review: safe nuclear power, half the price.

Dilbert also discusses Trumpieboy's trolling of the Democrats by saying he's going to move immigrants to their "safe" cities instead of settling them in the poorer regions of the south and Southwest.

Heads explode. But why? Don't they want cheap nannies/maids/gardeners/construction workers? (yes, I'm being sarcastic. My immigrant family members work at these jobs, but it is also well known that affluent areas of the country frequently hire illegals to do these jobs because they don't have to pay as much: For example, no workman's comp or social security taxes for them and you can threaten to fire them if they complain about working overtime or in dangerous areas...when a boss made a threat against my son that he'd call "la migra", my son laughed at him...he is a US Citizen, but what about the other workers?).

one more comment on his discussion of immigration:

What no one is discussing is that maybe the "solution" is not just to build a wall or stop the funding of the caravans by people who have an agenda to change the demographics of the USA (not to actually help poor people) but to cut crime and corruption in these countries.

This can be done: but when someone tries to do it, the SJW/human rights types oppose this solution.

For example, Duterte has cut crime here, but the SJW (and the Catholic bishops) are busy demonizing him (often by taking his jokes/irony out of context) because hey, stopping criminals by rough justice is evil....

my answer: Yes, it is evil: better to convert the criminals to embrace Jesus. 

But from a pragmatic standpoint, rough justice works. Here the "carrot and stick" approach to drug gangs and drug addicts who were fueling the crime wave enabled the ordinary folks to live in safety. But alas too many of the politicians are using the corrupt and inefficient court system to get away with their crimes, and even when they are arrested, the international human rights types take their part and pressure the courts to let them go.

Yes, Mrs. George Clooney, I am talking about you.

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