Monday, May 13, 2019

Happy Mothers day

the priest gave a special blessing to mothers at the end of mass.

Here, motherhood is still honored, as the heart of a family.

Joy gave me some flowers, but went to her mom's house for the family dinner. I was invited, but I don't really feel comfortable at parties, so stayed home.

Kuya took me to Shakey's for mother's day pizza after afternoon mass. Yes, we have Shakey's here (and McD, And KFC, and local franchizes Jolibee and Greenwich).

when I first came here, the nearest McD was 30 miles away. But things are looking up: Lots of traffic, lots of new homes and shops, and alas lots of "second homes" in what used to be rice land, for middle class families in Manila who want to get away from the city for weekends.

The election is being held Monday: Not much violence here, because the mayor is running unopposed: but lots of other offices are being voted on.

This AP article in a Japanese newspaper says it is about Duterte, whether or not the congress will support him. It has the usual memes against him, but the real reason he might win is found at the end of the long article:
Village guard Jose Mondejar, who lives in a Tondo community heavily festooned with elections streamers and posters, said Duterte's anti-crime campaign has reduced daytime robberies by drug addicts of passing cargo trucks by about 70 percent in his neighborhood. "Criminals once even opened fire on our village hall because we were cracking down on them," he said. "Now you can walk around here without being pestered. Duterte's campaign has worked."

lots of vote buying, and lots of worry of manipulation of the ballot boxes, all of which is normal.

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