Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hollywood's racism problem

My husband loved James Bond movies, because action and half naked women...

So I had to laugh because the powers that be decided they needed to recast James Bond as a (very plain looking) black woman. 

Hmm...will she take her clothes off and sleep around like the Bond heroes? Mata Hari anyone?

Why not just make a film about a brilliant spy who happens to be a black woman, instead of "recasting" a male chauvanist spy as a woman?

Because political correctness, of course.

But it's a reaction against the years of Hollywood casting whites as other ethnics.

And not just whites as other ethnics:

"Ethnic" looking actors are cross cast as other ethnicities.  Mexican American actor Anthony Quinn is best known for Zorba the Greek. WTF? FilAm Lou Diamond Philipps played Jim Chee, a Navajo. And of course, only Asians like Lolo got upset when the remake of the King and I starred a Chinese actor as a Thai king (sniff... chinese said lolo as he turned it off). Or a Chinese actress as a Geisha. And of course, David Carridine played the Kung fu character on TV, instead of Bruce Lee... because?

people forget it wasn't that long ago that Bill Cosby broke the barrier by playing half of a spy team on a regular tv series I spy.

Disney is one of the worst. Have you seen a more anti Mexican film than Beverly hills Chihuahua? And then there is not one but two "Day of the dead" cartoons that distort that family oriented holiday (with it's Catholic influences) into American occultic beliefs?

My sons, watching Disney channel, always pointed to the brown or black character and said, usually correctly: he'll be killed off before the final scene.

So anyway, when someone remade the Long Ranger as a PC classic, they cast a very white actor as Tonto (on the idea that he might have some Cherokee ancestor, like half of Oklahoma or Elizabeth Warren), whereas even the original character in the TV series was played by Jay Silverheels.

but the hidden secret is that it wasn't just Tonto who got recast and played by a white dude:

reminding one of this:

of course, in today's world, Blazing Saddles would probably never been made.

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