Thursday, February 18, 2021

did china block Taiwan from buying Pfizer vaccine?

That is what is hinted in this story, (Asia News is run by a Catholic group involved in development).

Over copyright issues, or maybe because Australia is researching anti trust issues against facebook and google.

And Australia was being bullied by china  (apparently the Aussies insulted China, who is now cutting their use of their agricultural products) but Australia has pushed back against them too. (don't want our wine and lobsters? Well, you don't need our iron and low sulfur coal either)

so what is behind the boycott? Australia insulted China by criticizing them over their bad human rights policies against Tibetans, Uighars, and the slow strangling of human rights (and the rule of law) in Hong Kong.

food products are the most vulnerable to these types of shennanigans since they have a limited shelf life. I remember when China decided to punish the Philippines for some reason a couple years ago so they stopped importing bananas from Mindanao... a lot of the bananas went rotten and it hurt a lot of the plantations there.

And clergy of all the religions there will be under the government and watched. 

There will be a national data base containing the names of the official clergy who were trained and recognised by the five State authorised religions. Their loyalty to the Party is assessed periodically by awarding social credit or by sanctions which may cause the loss of the registration in the State data base.

 Will Biden stand up for religious rights? Given the fact he just said the Uighar persecution is merely cultural differences, ("culturally there are differnt norms") one wonders.

But Xi said he was pleased that Biden is treating him with respect.

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