Monday, June 07, 2021

warp speed Scottie


more here about how MRna vaccine was made.
i.e. the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines used this technology.

the vaccine was made with an idea that came out of Darpa. 
Place conpsiracy theory here.

But the dirty little secret is that there are diseases out there that could turn into a world wide epidemic.

DARPA was trying to figure out how to develop a vaccine in a hurry, just in case of an epidemic, or even if the US/French/African troops fighting Islamicist and other terrorists in Africa were infected with a new disease. Think Ebola and HIV for "recent" infectious diseases that caused epidemics, not to mention Yellow Fever, which actually made it from Angola to China before it was wiped out via vaccines.

You might know about that Ebola epidemic a couple years ago in West Africa, but do you know there is an ongoing epidemic there
They are keeping it under control with a new vaccine, and by contact tracing, isolation, and giving out the vaccine, 

The story of how that vaccine was quickly made and sent out to stop the epidemic can be found HERE.. Nature article discusses the details of this technology.. This vaccine  is based on an adenovirus base, which is also a new technology and is being used for some covid vaccines, including the British AstraZeneca, the JandJ and the Russian vaccine. and a newer Chinese vaccine.

The Sinovax is based on an attenuated (weakened) vaccine has been developed and sent to a lot of countries as "vaccine"diplomacy, but the dirty little secret is that it doesn't work very well:

AsiaNews (and Italian Catholic news agency) reports that both Turkey and Bahrain have found so many break thru cases that they are considering giving a third booster shot to their populations by using a western vaccine.

the Philippines news reports that the gov't is planning to do a study if mixing vaccines will work. The dirty little secret is that although a lot of people are getting the "Chinese"vaccine, a lot of people, especially those in lower risk groups, are waiting for the western shots to arrive.


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