Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stuff below the fold

The Bad News: Animal rights activists tell Aussies that they can't kill cane toads with bags and C02.

The really bad news:The only alternative is to go back to clubbing them to death.

But there is Good news: China will buy some to use as traditional medicine, and to eat.

Yum. Kentuckyfried Canetoadlegs!

(Sound familiar, kermit?)

And of course you can always use their skins for leather.

History and tongue in cheek discussion of cane toads HERE.
Yes, it's time to negotiate with the canetoad terrorists.

It cost Kenya half a million to deport a Jamaican Islamic "cleric"...who preached that Muslims should kill Jews and Hindus...and inspired terrorists....

While stranded in Kenya, he started riots among the Somalis in Kenya to protest his deportation. Since the government was a bit vigorous in stopping the riots, the human rights folks were there claiming human rights violations, of course.
And since no airline would carry him, he was deported by private chartered jet.
the "WTF" headline of the day:
climate-change scientists say ozone hole stops global warming

for those who love "Shangri la", a story on building a road to connect Nepel with Chinese run Tibet.
the hope is that trade will result in an easier life for the people.

Photos of cities in Yemen...go check it out.
A future site for ecotourism...

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