Wednesday, January 27, 2010

stuff in the news

The Hillbuzz blog is being "outed" and harassed by "PUMA hunting"?
the Rhetorican says it's a pre emptive strike against the Hillary 2012 movement.

Filipino Nuncio in Haiti has sharp words for those criticizing aids groups:
"Conducting relief efforts on a grand scale in a country without the basic infrastructures and with significant security and social problems is hugely problematic."

Translation: destroyed port, damaged airport, few roads, and lots of blocked streets slow down getting the stuff there...and everything has to be imported.

Chip in for more Arroyo legacy ads, other gov’t agencies urged :
Yes, unlike the US, here the press here isn't a lapdog for the president.

But there are some good headlines:
Move aside, Miss Congeniality:
Don't mess with the new Miss England...aka "Combat Barbie", given the name for her heroism in Basra.

ironically, she was only first runner up, but the winner lost her crown after a barroom brawl.

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