Monday, June 27, 2011

Headlines below the fold

From StrategyPage:

In Iran, Pakistani, Iranian and Afghan diplomats met and agreed to cooperate in the battle against Sunni Islamic terrorists (al Qaeda and the Taliban, plus the many Pakistani based terror groups). Another major target is the opium and heroin producing operations in southwest Afghanistan. These gangs cause enormous problems in all three countries, by making it possible for over seven million people to become drug addicts. Iran hosted the meeting in part to promote itself as a better ally for Afghanistan and Pakistan than the United States. In the past, Iranian empires had controlled most of western Afghanistan. While Iran has fans in Afghanistan and Pakistan, there is still fear that Iran, despite being a religious dictatorship now, will revert back to its old imperial ways.


also from StratagyPage: Libya had thousands of Russian built shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles that are being sought by terrorists. They are mainly used to shoot down helicopters that are going after the 'bad guys", but could shoot down a civilian airliner taking off or landing...Another fact you might not know about:

(there is) eight year old American program that hunts down and destroys these missiles. Over 32,000 have been found and destroyed so far. That's out of about a million that have been manufactured in the last half century. Most have been destroyed (because of old age or obsolescence) in that time, but thousands are believed to be unaccounted for and possibly in the wind.
The Inquirer reports that Gloria and friends used the local charity lottery as a source of income.

The tip of the iceburg, but don't hold your breath to see her prosecuted.

HuJia has been released.

Gay marriage by popular vote? Nope...Follow the money...


and the decision to lose the Afghanistan war is also about wooing campaign donations...

and this show of weakness is why the Philippines (and VietNam) figure the US won't be there to protect us from Chinese agression.

and Russia and India are trying to move their own chess pieces into the region to counteract China and Iran.

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