Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuff below the fold

StrategyPage has an Iran update

accusations of Corruption vs witchcraft, and here come the lifestyle cops.

Chinese counterfeits are worrying the US military...

and Senator McCain backs VietNam and the Philippines against China's claim the the Spratlys.

I wrote about the Spratlys on BNN, and the comments are chilling:
one said China "needed" the area because of it's huge population.
Ah yes, the "lebensraum" argument.
Another said archeology showed Chinese lived there two thousand years ago, so it's theirs.
So when Sweden claims Russia and Kiev, and Norway claims Canada based on archeology that they were there first, presumably China will back the claim.

Professor Bob not only has podcasts on where in the world is St John the Baptist's head, but what happened to Mohammed's beard and Buddha...

Chesterton once wrote a mystery story about "the invisible man", who turned out to be a waiter.

in a similar vein, the UKMail relates the tale of when slaves spied for the north.


Eat the flowers: Epilog advises you what flowers can be added to your menu.

full story HERE.

YUM! Frankenmeat!

it's kosher, halal, can be eaten by vegetarians, and most of all, no methane emissions.

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