Saturday, March 15, 2014

A proper British Nanny

An article on the UKTelegraph about nannies who actually do all the work in raising upper class British kids.

I am reminded of the scene in "Saving Mr Banks" where PJTravers asks why they remade the mother character as a suffragette, and the writers said they needed to explain why the mom lets her kids spend all their time with a nanny when she doesn't have a job...and when she asks if they are implying that the mother is neglectful, the most truthful of them says Yup...

I think that summarizes the cultural divide between those who run the UK and those who run the US in a word....although nowadays, even in the USA, elite career women hire nannies to care for their trophy kids...

what is the film about? EW say this deleted scene would have made it clearer:

In the deleted scene, available on the Saving Mr. Banks Blu-ray, Disney (Tom Hanks) follows Travers outside, where she’s sitting on a bench waiting for her driver (Paul Giamatti) to take her home. Disney pleads for her to reconsider and help him understand why this process is so difficult for her. She chastises him again for his deception, and then blurts out, “The books weren’t written for the children. They were written for the promise breakers.”
Promise breakers, like Disney. Promise breakers, like Travers’ Aunt Ellie, who promised her everything would be okay when she came to help their crumbling family in the Australian Outback decades earlier. Promise breakers, like her beloved alcoholic father (Colin Farrell), who promised that he’d make his family proud again.
The climax of the film is when Disney reminds her that mythmakers rewrite history into story so that the characters can be redeemed (hence saving mr banks).

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