Sunday, March 30, 2014

Family news

They held a "merienda", i.e. small afternoon party, for the staff at the farm last night to celebrate Joy's birthday. Lolo went, but I stayed home (It's hard to party til 8 pm when you get up at five am and unlike Lolo I didn't get a nap yesterday).
So this morning I am letting Lolo sleep in.

They finally cut down the mango tree that was half fallen in our yard (It fell over but the fences and roof kept it from falling over completely...still had mangos however but it was too heavy and large to pull up straight). Now we will be a lot hotter, so will have to plant another tree in it's place. We have a seedling nearby but it's a tall tree, so unless we trim it to branch, it won't help with the shade. And the two calimansi trees are too small.

It's was 90 degrees plus yesterday...I hate hot season, that continues until the monsoon starts at the beginning of June....

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