Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Butter is back

so is coconut oil, which is now touted in the Philippines as a health food...

Suspended animation to keep the dying alive? A variation of cooling to keep the brain etc alive while you are fixing the rest of the body's injuries that are causing you to lose bood.

This  has been experimental for awhile, but I will have to find the details...

7 things Tolkien said about life..

actually I believe that the one about "death is a path all of us must take" is Jackson, not Tolkien.

But the best thing Tolkien wrote about life is found in his letters. If you read that book, don't start at the beginning, which are boring, but start after ten or twelve letters, when he starts writing about his works or writing advice to his sons...

other stuff around the net is about some antigun California congressman who was helping to smuggle guns mentions some of them went to Philippine "insurgents": I am trying to find out which group.
And of course, the missing plane is still missing.

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