Monday, March 31, 2014

For later reading

Michael Drout on the new Tolkien translation of Beowulf.

Divergent's anti religious themes...or maybe not.


link from Instapundit:

IT’S ONLY A “WAR ON WOMEN” IF YOU CAN BLAME REPUBLICANS: Obama refuses to raise human rights issues with Saudis.

and it's not just women: no churches in Saudi for their christian workers, who number over one million in a population of 24 million.

LA having earthquakes.

Yeah. I worry if we get one here that destroys all of our lovely home/office/rice packing complex where we live.

Speaking of the home: The architect who built our house (not the entire complex, but the original house) has died...I forbad Lolo from going to his internment because of the heat, so he prayed for him at home..


lots of Obamacare stuff in the news. Maybe they SHOULD have read it before they signed it.

But I had to affirm that I had health insurance when I filed my tax form. Yes, I do, but since my basic US based policy (which covers hospitals and doctors here and in the US, with a very high deductible)  has doubled this year, from 500 to 1000 dollars a month, I'm dropping it and sticking to PhilHealth and my savings.


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