Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tris 57, Gladiator 45

The  big headlines are that Noah might make 46million this weekend. 

so another "mother Gaia destroying the world" clone of numerous similar stories in the last few years is getting in the headlines. It will probably make lots of money overseas, since a lot of folks enjoy action/special effects movies. (It's because they speak English, but can't follow nuances of dialogue, but who cares if it's full of action).

What is not being touted in the papers is that Divergant made 56 million dollars last weekend, and may make another 26 million this weekend. In other words, Tris beat Gladiator.

That dark dystopian story about a girl coming of age isn't quite PC: When the high IQ elites decide to wipe out the "abnegtion" types (read deeply religious people who are pacifistic and help others) because they aren't cooperative enough with the elite's ideas, Tris and "Four" stop them...

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