Sunday, March 09, 2014

Insomnia downloads of the day

Lots of Andrew Murray books at Librivox.

A bit complicated for me, but I found his book Humility eye opening: Humility is not seeing yourself as useless, but seeing yourself through the eyes of a loving God. So no, you aren't god, and you aren't perfect, but when you mess up, you aren't dir$t either, or a sinner needing punishment, nor do you get a "Get out of jail free card", but you see it in perspective.

Librivox has the Ramayan Book Six for your listening pleasure.
The epic so far can be found HERE.

or just listen to the podcast.

actually just linked for future listening/

The Mahabharata podcast is on line too: and yes, I did listen to this one.

I also ran across this at the British Library: Neil Gaiman helped with the cartoon version?  What's next? a new version of Noah as a drunken ecofriendly sailor? A Stephen King version of Armageddon with God played by an elderly black woman?
however, this  update interview said the project was put into deep freeze.


Saint Patrick's day is coming, so Irish Music podcast has the best Irish music of 2014 on their podcast.
You can also find their feeds on iTunes.

brought to you by MarkGunn, who is best known for his song: Don't go drinking with Hobbits.


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