Thursday, March 27, 2014

The dragon moves

Right now, there have been runs on rural banks in China, pollution is terrible, and the elites are making exit plans quietly, while the demographic timebomb is ticking.

Strategypage has a link on China's move against the Philippines here.

March 17, 2014: China told the Philippines that the continued presence of Filipino marines on Second Thomas Reef is intolerable and that China will deal with this violation of Chinese sovereignty. This is how China warns victims that an attack is coming and the Philippines is asking the United States for some backup here. The U.S. condemned the Chinese blockade but it is unclear what more the U.S. will do

hey, everyone here knows what the US will do: Send them a nasty letter...

and they also mention the MILF peace plan. Summary: They get their own land and their leaders will be allowed to steal lots of development money supposed to go to the poor.

They also summarize the dying NPA movement.

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