Saturday, March 29, 2014

:Family news

IT's "tag-init", hot season, so we have an unstable internet connection, and the secondary router that lets me blog from my room is out (maybe a deteriorated wire)

I am pretty well keeping Lolo in bed.

I did my taxes on line. The accountant stopped filing for us because we haven't paid for years, but that dang money I took out of a retirement fund to help tide us over after the typhoon put us over the top...luckily I overpaid the estimated tax, so may be refunded a tad, that is if I ever get the printer to work to print it out.


I am hoping that they will remove the half fallen mango tree from our yard today...we've been waiting a week for the guys to show up. The neighborhood kids love it, because the low lying branches outside our wall makes it easy for them to steal mangos,  but it is hitting our roof and we don't want more damages when the next typhoon hits.

Rice is almost ready to harvest, so Joy and Chano are busy at the farm. Ruby got two medals at her graduation ceremony a few days ago in Manila. (at her home school base). And me? I'm result of no internet access is that I am reading books.

Hey, did you know that in the Volsang saga it says when the dragon moved, it caused an earthquake? That explains Smaug...

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