Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bonfire night

All those "occupy" patsies (who didn't realize that the hard left was orchestrating the protests) also didn't realize that the mask worn was that of a catholic terrorist, Guy Faukes.

Of course, the terror of Elizabeth I against secret Catholics was a lot worse than Bloody Mary, who got a bad rep for burning a bishop who lacked the guts to defend Elizabeth'mom but gets good press for being on the right side of history (read: defended the reforms that allowed the British aristocracy to be given all that lovely church land to make them rich instead of supporting monasteries who wanted the money by helpingthe poor and indigent while taking their share off the top).

Anyone who thinks the Muslims are bad needs to read about the protestant reformation (follow the money. Luther would have been toast if the local princes didn't want all the lovely church wealth too).

Of course, the Muslims have gone backward, not forward in this: Few Catholic terrorists nowadays, except for those who embraced liberation theology and helped the local communists kill people.

But Islam has a history to justify killing the infidel in its founder's actions, not just in it's holy books. So although a Christian could point out the murderous justification in the old testament, it's hard to argue that Jesus would have done this. Even the crusades were originally justified to stop the murder of local Christians. Ah, but few westerners know history.

As for the atheist meme about religion causing most of the bloody wars: I find this ironic claim ignores the hundred million victims of atheistic Nazi or communist regimes (not to mention the 7 million Chinese killed by noble Japanese warriors in WWII).

And the biggest mass murderer was probably Genghis Khan and his family. He made Stalin (who only worked his people to death) and Hitler (who only killed the Jews in the cities he captured) look like amateurs.

Even the atheist claim about the "wars of religion" deaths ignore the Turkish Ottoman massacres in eastern Europe, or that at the same time that the Samurai invasion of Korea killed just as many folks, and not for religion, but because they were in the way of the Japanese army invasion of China.

Ironically, Anne Coulter's quip on terrorism: That we need to invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them all to Christianity-- is actually the only thing that works.

It doesn't have to be Christianity: Sufi Islam works too...and even the Mongols calmed down after they became Buddhists. The bad news is that some of their followers became Muslim...and that story is the back story for why Russia sees herself as the defender of Christianity.

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