Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Wagner: Sigfried as narcissist or satire as sigfried and roy?

more here.

I rarely agree with the author, but he always makes me think


StrategyPage on the Philippines

same old stuff, and we are the weakest link for China to expand.

So when the Pope preaches peace peace peace, it is saying "come and get it" to them.

He preached reconciliation to SriLanka. Hope he preaches more "stop stealing everything in sight" here, instead of pushing the "green" elites who stop sustainable investment in manufacture, agriculture (GMFood), mining and logging. All that sounds nice, but the real danger is that stopping responsible limited investment that will protect the land, you end up with poor people working for pirates who decimate the environment and politicians getting rich from being bribed to look the other way when the logs/gold/etc. are exported, or the GM or pesticide ridden food is imported, or the shoddy manufacturing goods from China underprice local stuff (of course, no one will buy the local stuff because they figure it is least the Chinese stuff may or may not be shoddy).

To get stuff that will last, you need to buy US/Taiwan/Japanese made goods, and you need to buy it from a reputable store that you know isn't selling a counterfeit item.

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