Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cloud cukoo land articles of the day

Sara Palin quotes Martin Luther King, gets called an idiot.

actually, she is the most powerful housewife in Alaska, and too many of her "idiot" sayings are now seen to be right (i.e. "death panels" or "drill baby drill", which predicted that fracking would lower the price of oil and increase jobs).

when the press reports according to a meme, and through the eyes of polical ambition, they forget that both Sarah (and Michelle for that matter) have a lot of power to shape the ideas of the nation,

but the establishment thinks only in terms of becoming a president, so they don't notice this.


Hillary is delaying her campaign to run for the president.

Sigh. I suspect she hasn't recovered fully from her subdural hematoma or stroke she suffered awhile back, and it's being covered up by those who support her.

but is the photo showing the editor's bias? Making her look old and confused?

Sarah isn't the only female politician who faces sexist bias in the press... Instapundit points out that Joni Ernst is in the crosshairs now for her stories of growing up poor.

Of course, she is a combat veteran so probably won't cry and play the victim when they ridicule her for noting she helped castrate pigs at her parents farm.


I doubt I'll watch "American sniper", even when it hits HBO, because I don't usually watch war movies.

But the criticism that snipers are "evil" is interesting, since it implies they are cowards because they save lives from a distance, not up close and personal.

In history, the same thing was said about bowmen, who were the the ancient equivalent of snipers.

Joan of Arc was wounded by one, and Richard the Lionhearted died after being wounded by one.


freepers discuss why the Airbus pilots might have turned off their computers. About half the comments are intelligent and supply information not available to us peons about pitot tubes and computer glitches in that plane.

Factoid of the week:

The BenLaden family were Yemeni immigrants to Saudi Arabia. Yemen, because geographically it was more fertile and positioned for trade,  was richer than Saudi until oil was discovered.

More on the history of that area HERE.

the good side of tobacco in stressful situations.

 Thus for all its long term problems, tobacco is still one of the best short term anti-stress solution. The other one is candy, but that has more immediate shortcomings as well as long-term dangers that explains all the efforts to cure bad eating habits. Then there are violent video games, which unexpectedly turned out to be an excellent combat stress reliever as well as useful in dealing with long-term (PTSD) combat stress problems. It’s still unclear what the long-term downside is for these games. The problem with video games is that they are not as convenient as tobacco. In any event the search continues for more effective combat stress relievers.

Is the politically correct tobacco ban in the military affecting combat?

when we went cigarette free, our locals just switched to chewing tobacco, which is what many of them had used when working in the mines.

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