Friday, January 30, 2015

Stuff against the meme

Let's hear a cheer for Michelle Obama who refused to wear a scarf or cover up her face at the King of Saudi's funeral.

Although I personally would have worn a scarf or hat, since I am old enough to remember when women wore hats to formal occasions.

But it's okay: Saudi TV blanked out her face so no men watching it would have impure thoughts.


Statistics statistics:

It reads like fiction: an estimated 50 to 75 percent of American men were infected with a sexually transmitted disease (STD); in thousands of families, an STD killed one, two, even five of their children; and an incredible 30 percent of all blindness was attributed to STDs

no, it's not from today's headline but an article about STD problems in 1904... reposted on FR from a prolife webpage.

and that doesn't include the insane asylums filled with dementia patients or people dying of thoracic aortic aneurisms.

One comment notes this little known fact:

And one hundred years earlier the men on the Lewis and Clark expedition came down with VD while messing with the Mandan women in North Dakota.
When they reached the Pacific, they warned the men about messing with the local women there as the women were know n to have VD.
The only “cure” was by using mercury pills.
Heh. I was just reading a book that noted that expedition had plenty of "Dr. Rush's thunderbolts" which were full of mercury  and a powerful laxative, and modern archeologists could trace their campsites by the mercury in the soil.

the links suggested they took it as a laxative, meaning the author only read the G rated version of the expedition, but of course, mercury was the main treatment for STD's in the good old days.

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