Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family news

Joy is wheezing and I added steroids and an inhaler to her antibiotic. Probably viral bronchitis but I didn' t hear pneumonia.

She still intends to visit her sister in Manila today: Her uncle is coming in from Rome to be with the Pope for the visit (pope arrives tomorrow) and today he will say mass in their home and anoint her sister, who has cancer.

I told her to wear a mask, but she won't stay home as advised, so she won't expose her sister to the illness.

Lolo is okay.

Our handiman Ferdie is fixing the doors: The bottoms of the "stainless steel" doors are rusted out (poor quality of course) and so he replaced the areas with new steel which he welds onto the higher parts.

He will also place tiles behind the stove: Right now, the heat and fumes have eaten into the cement covering of the walls..they will replace it with marble tiles (Which are quite cheap here).

My only comment on marble and tiles for floors is that after placing them down, they smear them with cement that makes them look dirty and irregular instead of shiny. I didn't appreciate why until the rains came, and it meant that you could walk across the floors without slipping.

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