Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Family News

Family News

Emie sent over some newly cooked crabs and prawns for Lolo: He ate two crabs and two prawns with rice. Since his appetite has been poor, this was a good thing.

Here we do get fresh crab, but the best are from the Visayas. and you have to watch if it is fresh (usually they are still alive when we buy them)... We live far from the ocean, so usually we eat locally grown fresh water fish such as talapia. Talapia grow in small ponds with irrigation water, but usually what is sold is farmed by larger farmers.

Lolo is much better: No fever, wheezing is better, and breathing okay but still he has a wicked cough. This virus is going around, but I was barely sick, whereas Joy had it very bad, with bronchospasm and needed prednisone. She is now better too.

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