Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Uh Oh: Stories below the fold

The Mahdi is coming! the Mahdi is coming!


Sigh Philippines mourns their dead cops/militia in another massacre/ambush when they tried to raid a known terrorist camp. The guy who ordered the raid was sacked for incompetence...

Better watch it: Erap is threatening to run for president again, and he armed the local Christians so they could fight back.


The bad news: India is so polluted that just visiting there cut Obama's life span six hours.

the good news: The pollution might be from prosperity...

 although I wonder how much of it is from the poor using wood stoves or burning garbage/trash that isn't picked up.


The New York Times is biased against Israel? This used to be the normal anti semitism (and anti Catholicism) of the NYC elites, but it's now the anti semitism (and anti catholicism) of the progressives, who view reality via the lens of their own religion.

The straight news is good, but often what is reported is filtered via the template of what SHOULD be reported.

quote of the day

When Hillary Clinton & Co. talk about how “it takes a village to raise a child” they’re invoking wisdom from what P. J. O’Rourke called the “ancient African kingdom of Hallmarkcardia” to make the case for vast new federal bureaucracies, taxes, programs, regulations, etc. But the phrase itself contains a lot of truth. Unlike bureaucrats in Washington, neighbors, teachers, pastors, coaches, coworkers, and friends can help raise your kids, in ways large and small. Real communities involve extended networks of trust and goodwill. Fake communities have regulations, fees, subsidies, and checklists.

JonahGoldberg, via Teaattrianon..

and the really important article of the day:

How to make mascara out of Oreos

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